Structure Desk

Marketing energy and related services to the consumer requires a comprehensive pricing platform that easily integrates with other business processes but has been specifically designed for today’s energy industry.

An effective pricing solution must be able to manage the complex energy transactions associated with retail pricing including real-time forward cost curves, add-on risk factors, deal margins and many others.

The EnerGenuity® S.M.A.R.T. Suite™ StructureDesk™ module has been specifically designed for the energy marketer’s business process. You create and manage your customized library of products, supply strategies, forward cost curves, and margin requirements to efficiently and accurately create real-time price quotes for a single customer or entire classes of customers.


Efficiently generating and managing price quotes in real time presents many problems. Just a few include;

  • Dynamic Data Sources – forward energy values are always changing.
  • Multiple Data Sources – from proprietary forward curves to custom in-house valuations.
  • Inconsistent Data – consumers provided data in spreadsheets, EDI transactions from utilities, bill copies, emails, and hand written notes.
  • Variable Unit – inconsistent data sources means you are never sure of profile units as compared to costing units.
  • Aggregate Quotes – Generating quotes for multiple accounts wanting a single price compounds an already difficult process.
  • Tiered Quotes – managing quotes for tiered products or seasonal splits is extremely difficult
  • Multiple Quote Terms – maturing consumers are seeking 6, 12 and 18 month quotes for fixed, basis, and tiered products.


The S.M.A.R.T. Suite™ StructureDesk™ tackles the most difficult pricing scenarios with ease. It provides the features and benefits today’s energy marketer requires to quickly and accurately produce a sellable price offer. Some of the features include:

  • Store information with each price request including customer usage price, utility rate schedules, delivery areas, etc.
  • Apply industry available real-time forward cost curves or create your own custom curves.
  • All data is stored at the account level but rolls up to provide a summary quote.
  • Create and manage almost limitless arrays of structured products, e.g., caps, swing, full requirements, etc.
  • Manage price quotes for a single location or aggregate many locations.
  • Create tiered products and quotes with ease including seasonal splits or multiple triggers.
  • Refreshing a price is as easy as a push of a button.
  • Convert units effortlessly.
  • Easily auditable as all costs, terms, and volumes are captured, stored and available for reports.

Additional Integration

  • Integrate StructureDesk™ with other modules to fill gaps in other business processes. For example:
  • ContractAdministrator™ ->>> a sold deal contains contract information which is presented to the contract administrator for seamless contract creation and management
  • Sales Manager ->>> manage the complete sales cycle from lead generation to quoting based on energy industry requirements.

Click here to view and download the StructureDesk™ product sheet.