Contract Manager

Marketing energy and related services to the consumer requires the ability to efficiently and accurately create and process contract requirements and documents.

An effective contract management solution should integrate and automate the process from the proposal or sold deal through billing set-up, enrollment, and renewals.

The EnerGenuity® S.M.A.R.T. Suite™ Contract Manager module has been specifically designed for the energy marketer’s business process. Contracts are created and printed from the system using your approved contract documents. Executed contract are scanned and linked directly to the system record for easy access, auditing, and review. Integration with Sales Manager and StructureDesk allow critical information to flow directly into the Contract Manager module eliminating errors and delays caused by duplicate manual data entry.


There are many problems with the manual contract creation process. Just a few include:
Time and Resource Intensive:

  • Manually typing each contract document
  • Manually completing each attachment
  • Printing, mailing, faxing
  • Managing version control

Duplicate Data Entry:

  • Wrong Name, wrong price, wrong units
  • Inverted numbers, price or usage
  • Inadvertent errors - Increase risk or rework

Contract Administration:

  • Manual data reentry for billing set-up, enrollment, reporting
  • Manual renewal process

Contract Management:

  • Manual filing, review and audit issues
  • Inadequate tracking of account status changes like closures, terminations, additions, etc.


The S.M.A.R.T. Suite™ Contract Manager™ automates the contract creation, contract administration, enrollment, and bill set-up processes. Some of the features include:

  • Substantial efficiency gain in sales force or sales support productivity
  • Price request information is immediately available to Contract Manger for administration
  • Create, print, or electronically transmit your approved draft or executable contracts for signature by customer
  • Errors are substantially minimized since contracts match deal information and deal information matches the contract
  • Substantial efficiency gains in contract administration and approval processes
  • Fully executed contracts are scanned and linked directly to the system record
  • Enrollments and renewal process are automated and tracked
  • Contract maintenance, from triggers to account status driven amendments are reconciled, tracked and reported

Additional Integration

  • Integrate Contract Manager with other modules to fill gaps in other business processes. For example:
  • StructureDesk ->>> a proposed or sold deal contains contract information which is presented to the Contract Manager for seamless contract creation and management
  • Sales Manager ->>> manage the complete sales cycle from lead generation to quoting based on energy industry requirements.

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