For Agents

Agent/Consultant Information
The EnerGenuity® S.M.A.R.T. Suite™ Agent Portal

A web-based application that provides the consultant and independent agent cost effective access to technology needed to scale your business and provide valuable services to your clients.

The problems include:

Generally, independent agents or consultants can not grow because you lack an efficient cost effective method to track and utilize customer information and energy data. Instead of building client relationships and adding new clients to your portfolio you spend too much time and effort tracking industry and customer data and keeping multiple spreadsheets updated.

Value Add Services
Your business is based on your ability to provide your clients with value in the deregulated industry. Often you have great ideas but lack the time or tools needed to create reports and perform other services that would benefit your clients.

The solution:

SMART Suite™ provides you with technology you need to address both of these issues. Because it is a fee for service web-based software solution there is no hardware, network or other IT requirements. A Login and Password is all you need to have access to industry data, track customer information, request and receive supplier quotes, or issue valuable reports to your clients.

A small sample of the SMART Suite™ tools available to the Agent/Consultant:

  • Access to extensive energy industry data and information warehouse
  • Store and track historical and ongoing energy consumption to allow for benchmarking, savings validation, etc.
  • Ease of use and/or reporting because the system is built around the energy industry hierarchy, for example, multiple locations, each served by multiple utilities, multiple accounts with multiple meters.
  • Issue role appropriate user logins to your clients allowing limited access for report viewing, trending, bill view, etc.
  • Easily create and manage multiple RFQs processes simultaneously.
  • Weather normalization and usage prediction.
  • Manage your commission/broker fees for your clients.
  • Provide your clients various ancillary services such as Bill Summary, Consolidation, Validation, Reconciliation and Payment Services.
  • Help clients with risk management planning, implementation, measurement and verification.
  • Assist your clients with budgets by using industry forward costing curves to provide “at the meter” price transparency.
  • Unit conversion and normalization allow for easy comparison between plants, regions, etc.
  • Assist with rate analysis and optimization.

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