SMARTBiz Benefit Breakdown

  1. Combines your data to create a composite picture of your total business cycle
    1. Combined information into one data source
    2. Have confidence in the accuracy of the data

  2. Dramatically reduce labor, time, and resources required to research and create reports

  3. Allows user to immediately evaluate, measure, and act upon key business drivers
    1. Demand
    2. Position
    3. Cost
    4. Margin
    5. Profit
    6. Risk

  4. Instant drill down capability
    1. By market, utility, pipeline, group, customer, account, etc.
    2. By Year, month, day, hour
    3. To uncover and act on variance issues – reducing risk and saving money
    4. To identify positive trends and results
    5. To analyze, forecast, and simulate

  5. Create dashboard graphs, notices, alarms
    1. Real-time variance or out of tolerance reporting
    2. Know your position, risk, profitability, and daily changes

  6. ROI can be realized in weeks
    1. Access the right information at the right time in the right format
    2. Minimize risk by identifying tolerance variance almost immediately
    3. Speed decision making and drive bottom line results