SMARTBiz Benefit Breakdown

  1. Combines your data to create a composite picture of your total business cycle
    1. Combined information into one data source
    2. Have confidence in the accuracy of the data

  2. Dramatically reduce labor, time, and resources required to research and create reports

  3. Allows user to immediately evaluate, measure, and act upon key business drivers
    1. Demand
    2. Position
    3. Cost
    4. Margin
    5. Profit
    6. Risk

  4. Instant drill down capability
    1. By market, utility, pipeline, group, customer, account, etc.
    2. By Year, month, day, hour
    3. To uncover and act on variance issues – reducing risk and saving money
    4. To identify positive trends and results
    5. To analyze, forecast, and simulate

  5. Create dashboard graphs, notices, alarms
    1. Real-time variance or out of tolerance reporting
    2. Know your position, risk, profitability, and daily changes

  6. ROI can be realized in weeks
    1. Access the right information at the right time in the right format
    2. Minimize risk by identifying tolerance variance almost immediately
    3. Speed decision making and drive bottom line results

For Suppliers / Marketers

EnerGenuity’s® S.M.A.R.T. Suite™ Marketer Portal

A cost effective solution to help you manage risk, realize profits and grow your business.

S.M.A.R.T. Suite™ benefits:

  • Internet based requires no hardware investment
  • Functionality designed to mirror your business processes
  • Utilize specific modules to fill your gaps
  • Extensive industry specific data warehouse
  • Know what your are getting with free system testing
  • Centralized data storage facilitates management reporting oversight
  • Focus on growing business versus information technology

Module Summary

  1. StructureDesk
    Manage sales process from start to finish (prospecting through the quoting and structured deal booking). Prospect facility, account and consumption data is stored and viewed in industry relevant hierarchy allowing for ease of grouping, price request management and quote generation. Build and maintain your custom product library and associated forward curves ranging from simple to complex.

  2. CustomerCare
    Originate, maintain and renew customer contracts manually or seamlessly from deals booked within the StructureDesk™ module. Value-add customer logins allow viewing of energy consumption information, forward price updates or other customer specific reports. For the mass marketer, allow for customers to select products based on approved campaign supply strategies or deals.

  3. SupplyDesk
    Manage the supply side of your business by tracking “wholesale” type transactions made in support of retail book of business. Transactions include, physical (interstate and independent producer), financial, capacity, and storage.

  4. Operations Center
    Forecast customer energy requirements for your custom created meter categories based on location, customer class, etc. Schedule and track energy from points of purchase all the way through consumption to ensure all energy is accounted for physically and financially.

  5. Risk Analyzer
    Create a risk library to track financial risk components important to your business. When used in conjunction with other modules, Risk Analyzer provides a seamless overview of the total business by bringing together both retail sales and supply transactions. Select and run various “what-if” scenarios to validate your assumptions against real-life and real-time supply costing information.

  6. Profit Tracker
    Help ensure expected margins derived during the quote generation and retail contract origination are realized by implementing billing and invoicing functionality associated with structured retail deals and “wholesale” transactions.

Click here to view and download the Supplier/Marketer Information Sheet.

EM Suite

Providing consulting and energy management services to consumers are invaluable in today’s market. To effectively scale this business model requires a powerful tool specifically designed for today’s retail energy management business that integrates with other business processes to support your front and back offices functions.

Energy Managers and Consultants must have the ability to track and organize their current and prospective customers, maintain historic and current energy usage, and cost information. They must have the ability to analyze, forecast, and compare data and then report analysis results to the customer. Generic or home grown systems and spread sheets tend to be difficult to scale, modify, and integrate in this constantly changing competitive environment.

The EnerGenuity® S.M.A.R.T. Suite™ Energy Manager module provides the energy manager with these tools in a web-based platform thereby helping to overcome cost barriers associated with other systems.


There are several issues associated with using generic CRM systems or spread sheets to manage the energy management and consulting process. Just a few include:

Customer Specific Data:

  • Can’t handle account numbers, meter numbers, utilities, rates, programs.
  • Can’t track historic consumption, load profiles, multiple accounts.
  • Inconsistent data formats, estimates, bills, and units.

Multiple and Chain Accounts:

  • Limited corporate hierarchy.
  • Duplicate entries and multiple records.
  • Difficult to aggregate and summarize.

Business Process Integration:

  • Tend to be single account based, hard to track and report multiple accounts across utilities and markets
  • Home grown and spread sheet solutions are difficult to scale, integrate, and manage leading to multiple systems and patches resulting in inefficiency and error

Complicated & Inefficient:

  • Tends to require multiple interfaces or no interface at all
  • Lack of energy specific structure hinders user acceptance


The SMART Suite™ Energy Manager provides all of the functionality energy managers and consultants need to capture energy specific customer usage and cost data, analyze and compare that data, and report their findings and recommendations.

  • Customer data is store and made available in energy industry specific hierarchies.
  • Users can quickly view and drill down to a location, account, meter, and historic monthly usage.
  • Accounts can be grouped by rate, utility, program, area, market, etc.
  • Energy Usage, cost, billing components, are easily updated, tracked, analyzed and reported
  • Account usage can be viewed, averaged, and aggregated, to create a usage profile for analysis, comparison, forecasts, bid specs, etc.
  • Account specific utility rates, riders, weather factors and supplier prices are stored for comparison and analysis
  • Track and report on bids, proposals, savings, and variances

Click here to view and download the EM Suite Product Sheet.

For Agents

Agent/Consultant Information
The EnerGenuity® S.M.A.R.T. Suite™ Agent Portal

A web-based application that provides the consultant and independent agent cost effective access to technology needed to scale your business and provide valuable services to your clients.

The problems include:

Generally, independent agents or consultants can not grow because you lack an efficient cost effective method to track and utilize customer information and energy data. Instead of building client relationships and adding new clients to your portfolio you spend too much time and effort tracking industry and customer data and keeping multiple spreadsheets updated.

Value Add Services
Your business is based on your ability to provide your clients with value in the deregulated industry. Often you have great ideas but lack the time or tools needed to create reports and perform other services that would benefit your clients.

The solution:

SMART Suite™ provides you with technology you need to address both of these issues. Because it is a fee for service web-based software solution there is no hardware, network or other IT requirements. A Login and Password is all you need to have access to industry data, track customer information, request and receive supplier quotes, or issue valuable reports to your clients.

A small sample of the SMART Suite™ tools available to the Agent/Consultant:

  • Access to extensive energy industry data and information warehouse
  • Store and track historical and ongoing energy consumption to allow for benchmarking, savings validation, etc.
  • Ease of use and/or reporting because the system is built around the energy industry hierarchy, for example, multiple locations, each served by multiple utilities, multiple accounts with multiple meters.
  • Issue role appropriate user logins to your clients allowing limited access for report viewing, trending, bill view, etc.
  • Easily create and manage multiple RFQs processes simultaneously.
  • Weather normalization and usage prediction.
  • Manage your commission/broker fees for your clients.
  • Provide your clients various ancillary services such as Bill Summary, Consolidation, Validation, Reconciliation and Payment Services.
  • Help clients with risk management planning, implementation, measurement and verification.
  • Assist your clients with budgets by using industry forward costing curves to provide “at the meter” price transparency.
  • Unit conversion and normalization allow for easy comparison between plants, regions, etc.
  • Assist with rate analysis and optimization.

Click here to view and download the Agent Portal Sheet.


Effectively marketing energy and related services to the consumer requires powerful reporting capability. Reports are notoriously difficult to get out of most energy software systems. They are difficult and expensive to define, write, program, and revise.

Retail energy marketers capture huge amounts of customer, usage, operational, supply, and financial data, however, many do not have the functionality to access, analyze, and utilize that data to make informed business decisions. Accessing multiple systems and spreadsheets make it difficult to quickly answer even the most basic business decisions, pulling together manual reports can take days and still not provide the decision maker with confident, accurate reporting.

EnerGenuity’s S.M.A.R.T. Suite™ SMARTBiz module provides the retail energy marketer with a robust business intelligence and analysis functionality. SMARTBiz delivers a powerful framework that allows users to not only access data but presents that data in a format that can be easily used and analyzed.


Multiple Systems

  • Difficult to aggregate information
  • Supply disconnected from sales and billing
  • Reports are hard coded
  • Revisions are expensive and time consuming

Multiple Spreadsheets

  • Multiple spread sheets must be manually aggregated increasing the room for error and unreliability
  • Spread Sheets are rarely standardized, auditable, or secure

Multiple Reports

  • Multiple systems and spreadsheets means multiple reports, report types, report output, and report designs making it almost impossible to combine and manage
  • Combining reports is time consuming, error prone, and risky
  • Information is often incomplete, incompatible, and inconsistent causing management concern and frustration


The SMART Suite™ SMARTBiz provides business intelligence functionality that energy marketers truly need to analyze and manage their business decisions.

  • Integrate cross business reporting to give management a total business picture.
  • Dramatically reduce time and resources needed to research and create reports
  • Each report is a actually a large category of data allowing users an almost limitless combination of output
  • Updated nightly or real time, data is available almost instantaneously
  • Drag, drop, sort, and group information on the fly
  • Drill down to the lowest level of granularity with ease or create high level snap shots for executive review and decision making
  • Customize and save your favorite reports, making them available any time, useful adhoc reporting whenever the need arises
  • Create dashboard graphs, notices, alarms to make real-time variance decisions a reality

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Additional Integration

Integrate the SMARTBiz module with other EnerGenuity S.M.A.R.T. Suite™ modules to provide a full range of seamless retail portfolio management:

  • Sales Manager
  • StructureDesk
  • Contract Manager
  • Billing Manager
  • Demand Signal
  • OpsCenter
  • SupplyDesk
  • RiskAnalyzer

Click here to view and download the SMARTBiz product sheet.