Effectively marketing energy and related services to the consumer requires powerful reporting capability. Reports are notoriously difficult to get out of most energy software systems. They are difficult and expensive to define, write, program, and revise.

Retail energy marketers capture huge amounts of customer, usage, operational, supply, and financial data, however, many do not have the functionality to access, analyze, and utilize that data to make informed business decisions. Accessing multiple systems and spreadsheets make it difficult to quickly answer even the most basic business decisions, pulling together manual reports can take days and still not provide the decision maker with confident, accurate reporting.

EnerGenuity’s S.M.A.R.T. Suite™ SMARTBiz module provides the retail energy marketer with a robust business intelligence and analysis functionality. SMARTBiz delivers a powerful framework that allows users to not only access data but presents that data in a format that can be easily used and analyzed.


Multiple Systems

  • Difficult to aggregate information
  • Supply disconnected from sales and billing
  • Reports are hard coded
  • Revisions are expensive and time consuming

Multiple Spreadsheets

  • Multiple spread sheets must be manually aggregated increasing the room for error and unreliability
  • Spread Sheets are rarely standardized, auditable, or secure

Multiple Reports

  • Multiple systems and spreadsheets means multiple reports, report types, report output, and report designs making it almost impossible to combine and manage
  • Combining reports is time consuming, error prone, and risky
  • Information is often incomplete, incompatible, and inconsistent causing management concern and frustration


The SMART Suite™ SMARTBiz provides business intelligence functionality that energy marketers truly need to analyze and manage their business decisions.

  • Integrate cross business reporting to give management a total business picture.
  • Dramatically reduce time and resources needed to research and create reports
  • Each report is a actually a large category of data allowing users an almost limitless combination of output
  • Updated nightly or real time, data is available almost instantaneously
  • Drag, drop, sort, and group information on the fly
  • Drill down to the lowest level of granularity with ease or create high level snap shots for executive review and decision making
  • Customize and save your favorite reports, making them available any time, useful adhoc reporting whenever the need arises
  • Create dashboard graphs, notices, alarms to make real-time variance decisions a reality

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Additional Integration

Integrate the SMARTBiz module with other EnerGenuity S.M.A.R.T. Suite™ modules to provide a full range of seamless retail portfolio management:

  • Sales Manager
  • StructureDesk
  • Contract Manager
  • Billing Manager
  • Demand Signal
  • OpsCenter
  • SupplyDesk
  • RiskAnalyzer

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