Sales Manager

Effectively marketing energy and related services to the consumer requires a powerful Customer Relationship Management system (CRM). A system that easily integrates with other business processes to support your front and back offices processes. A system specifically designed for today’s retail energy marketing industry.

Retail energy marketers must have the ability to track and organize their current and prospective customers, run marketing campaigns and track sales activity. Generic CRM systems fall short because they were not designed for the complex interaction and needs of retail energy customers.

EnerGenuity®’s S.M.A.R.T. Suite™ Sales Manager module provides the retail energy marketer with the CRM functionality to track the entire sales cycle from first contact through sales completion to the renewal process. S.M.A.R.T. Suite™ products are web-based helping to overcome cost barriers associated with other systems.


There are several issues associated using generic CRM systems to manage the retail energy sales process. Just a few include:

Customer Specific Data:

  • Can’t handle account numbers, meter numbers, utilities, rates, programs.
  • Can’t track historic consumption, load profiles.
  • Inconsistent data formats, estimates, rebills, and units.

Multiple and Chain Accounts:

  • Limited corporate hierarchy.
  • Duplicate entries and multiple records.
  • Difficult to aggregate and summarize.

Business Process Integration:

  • Difficult to interface with pricing system, contract and billing systems
  • Tend to be single account based, hard to track and report multiple accounts across utilities and markets

Complicated & Inefficient:

  • Tends to require multiple interfaces or no interface at all
  • Lack of energy specific structure hinders user acceptance

the Solution

The SMART Suite™ Sales Manager provides all of the functionality energy marketers need to track the entire sales and renewal cycle from first contact to sales completion. A few features include:

  • Prospect and Customer data is store and made available in energy industry specific hierarchies.
  • Users can quickly view and drill down to a location, account, meter, and historic monthly usage.
  • Accounts can be grouped by rate, utility, program, area, market, etc.
  • Contact information is entered once and assigned to other accounts or to other processes, for example sales, billing, or operations.
  • Sales cycles are tracked and reported in energy specific structures.
  • Active account usage information can be tracked, viewed, averaged, and aggregated, to create a usage profile for pricing.
  • Marketing campaigns can be structured, tracked, reported, and assigned for pricing or enrollment.
  • Manage your renewal process with timely and accurate notices

Additional Integraion
Integrate the Sales Manager module with other EnerGenuity® S.M.A.R.T. Suite™ modules to provide a full range of retail portfolio management:

StructureDesk™ ->>> price requests are sent directly from Prospector for immediate pricing and quoting. Pricing volumes, products, terms and duration are consistent throughout the process.

Contract Manager -> >>use StructureDesk™ out-puts to create proposals, contracts, and billing determinants. Customer contract information is linked consistently throughout the system.

Click here to view and download the Sales Manager product sheet.