EM Suite

Providing consulting and energy management services to consumers are invaluable in today’s market. To effectively scale this business model requires a powerful tool specifically designed for today’s retail energy management business that integrates with other business processes to support your front and back offices functions.

Energy Managers and Consultants must have the ability to track and organize their current and prospective customers, maintain historic and current energy usage, and cost information. They must have the ability to analyze, forecast, and compare data and then report analysis results to the customer. Generic or home grown systems and spread sheets tend to be difficult to scale, modify, and integrate in this constantly changing competitive environment.

The EnerGenuity® S.M.A.R.T. Suite™ Energy Manager module provides the energy manager with these tools in a web-based platform thereby helping to overcome cost barriers associated with other systems.


There are several issues associated with using generic CRM systems or spread sheets to manage the energy management and consulting process. Just a few include:

Customer Specific Data:

  • Can’t handle account numbers, meter numbers, utilities, rates, programs.
  • Can’t track historic consumption, load profiles, multiple accounts.
  • Inconsistent data formats, estimates, bills, and units.

Multiple and Chain Accounts:

  • Limited corporate hierarchy.
  • Duplicate entries and multiple records.
  • Difficult to aggregate and summarize.

Business Process Integration:

  • Tend to be single account based, hard to track and report multiple accounts across utilities and markets
  • Home grown and spread sheet solutions are difficult to scale, integrate, and manage leading to multiple systems and patches resulting in inefficiency and error

Complicated & Inefficient:

  • Tends to require multiple interfaces or no interface at all
  • Lack of energy specific structure hinders user acceptance


The SMART Suite™ Energy Manager provides all of the functionality energy managers and consultants need to capture energy specific customer usage and cost data, analyze and compare that data, and report their findings and recommendations.

  • Customer data is store and made available in energy industry specific hierarchies.
  • Users can quickly view and drill down to a location, account, meter, and historic monthly usage.
  • Accounts can be grouped by rate, utility, program, area, market, etc.
  • Energy Usage, cost, billing components, are easily updated, tracked, analyzed and reported
  • Account usage can be viewed, averaged, and aggregated, to create a usage profile for analysis, comparison, forecasts, bid specs, etc.
  • Account specific utility rates, riders, weather factors and supplier prices are stored for comparison and analysis
  • Track and report on bids, proposals, savings, and variances

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